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Your guide to the value of Symmetry Surgical instruments and devices under contract with Kaiser Permanente.


Liquid Scope WarmOR™ – NEW AGREEMENT

Now available on contracts KP11203 and KP82630 beginning November 1, 2021.

The Liquid Scope WarmOR™ is a single-use device that warms laparoscopes and endoscopes to body temperature and prevents condensation that causes fog during procedures. Learn how this cost-effective device can reduce the need for capital equipment or electrical connections in your operating room.

Suture PassOR PRO™ – Kaiser Permanente National Standard

The Suture PassOR PRO™ offers a quick and safe way to intuitively place sutures and effectively close laparoscopic port sites. With its trocar cleaning swabs and competitive price, Suture PassOR PRO combines clinical and economic benefits.

Suture PassOR Flyer

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