Set IQ

Set IQ identifies and prioritizes set standardization opportunities, reducing inventory costs and improving efficiency in facilities. Manually assessing the differences between sets can take months or even years.  Our powerful Set IQ solution can perform more than 1 billion analyses in 24 hours to quickly analyze the differences that exist between every set in your inventory. As part of the Set IQ solution, you will receive tools that help you reduce inventory costs, create additional valuable sets and increase efficiency in your facility.

Set IQ is a decision support tool that quickly conducts complex analyses of the entire set inventory. Using cleansed and normalized data, Set IQ compares the type and count of each instrument contained in each set to all other sets in inventory.

This results in identified and prioritized set standardization opportunities that can improve efficiency, costs and the quality of patient care in your facility.

Learn how Set IQ can simplify set standardization in your facility

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