Exam/Diagnostic Lights

At Symmetry Surgical®, our Bovie® light portfolio includes energy-efficient, LED medical lights that provide 50,000 hours of cool, clear visibility and are ideal for patient exam or small surgical procedure rooms.

Light for any site of care.

Our Bovie exam diagnostic and procedure lights include the MI 550 LED light and the MI 750 LED light. Both emit white illumination for accurate visibility and include long-life LEDs that are rated at 50,000 hours, virtually eliminating the need for inconvenient bulb changes.

Our cutting-edge MI 550 light emits pure white illumination at very low heat with an output rating of 55,000 lux at 4,300 degrees Kelvin color temperature. Engineered with green technology, the MI 550 uses significantly less electricity than standard halogen lights. 

Our MI 750 LED light provides physicians with an economical and energy-efficient LED light for exams and procedures. Our MI 750 is designed with unmatched lifetime spring-arm technology, and output rated at 75,000 Lux with a Kelvin color temperature of 4300°.

Featured Exam/Diagnostic Lights Products

MI 300 LED Examination Light

MI 550 LED Single Ceiling Examination Light

MI 750 LED Single Ceiling Procedure Light


Exam/Diagnostic Lights: Resources & Downloads

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