Surgical Lights

Our Bovie® LED lights offer 50,000 hours of cool, uninterrupted 4300° K bright, white medical lighting with superior shadow reduction.

Dependable visibility.

Our Bovie surgical light portfolio includes the MI 1000 LED and the System Two LED Series lights. Both lights emit pure white illumination, require virtually no light bulb changes and have endoscopy mode integrated into dimming capabilities for use during endoscopic procedures. 

The MI 1000 LED is engineered with green technology and uses significantly less electricity than standard halogen light. It includes five intensity outputs that are controlled using the five-stage dimming and on/off switch located on the sterilizable handle.

The System Two LED series provides value to surgery centers, specialty practices and outpatient care facilities seeking a surgical lighting system. The energy efficient design provides bright, white, cool and adjustable lighting while consuming half the electricity of its halogen counterpart, offering significant long-term savings for the healthcare facility. 

Featured Surgical Lights Products

MI 1000 LED Dual Ceiling Surgical Light

System Two LED Series with Two Surgical Lights and One Monitor Arm


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