Uterine Manipulators

DUMI ManipulatOR™ | Uterine ElevatOR PRO™ with OccludOR™ Balloon 

The New Standard of Care in Safe Uterine Manipulation

The Symmetry Surgical® Uterine Manipulator portfolio includes high-quality and cost-effective devices that stretch across various surgical methods — from diagnostic-to-surgical laparoscopic devices and tools. While each device has specific features and benefits, they are all designed with atraumatic features that ensure patient safety.

The Uterine ElevatOR PRO™ with OccludOR Balloon™ is a uterine manipulation device that maintains the pneumoperitoneum and exposes the patient’s pelvic anatomy for access to surgical landmarks during laparoscopic and robotic hysterectomies. Its intrauterine balloon decreases the risk of trauma to the internal uterine wall during positioning and detention maneuvers.

The Occluder Balloon is a separately sold, single-use device that can be used with the Uterine ElevatOR PRO™ Series to maintain the pneumoperitoneum during pre- and post- colpotomy.

The DUMI ManipulatOR™ is a convenient and safe uterine manipulator and injector in one device that reduces the need to change instruments, minimizing the risk of trauma and saving time. Its atraumatic intrauterine balloon helps prevent uterine perforation and supports patient safety.

Note: graphic surgical content.

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